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MCTRL300 is NovaStar’s independent control card from the M3 Series, and supports audio and video input. The M3 undertakes encoding and data processing, sending the audio and video to the display. A single card supports maximum loading capacity of 2048×668@60Hz. It communicates with PC via USB port for convenience.

  • DVI video input
  • Audio transmission
  • Dual-Ethernet output, with dual-Ethernet cable hot backup and multiple controller hot backup
  • USB port control, for cascading and control of multiple units

1.3 million pixel loading capacity, with resolutions of 1280×1024@60Hz, 1024×1200@60Hz, 1600×848@60Hz, 1920×712@69Hz, 2048×668@60Hz and Maximum height: 3840; Maximum height:3840

1 light sensor interface, adjust the screen brightness automatically

Independent power supply

Certifications: CE, RoHS, EAC, FCC, IC

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