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Mobile Digital Billboard | FRANCHISE

Mentoring You To FREEDOM!

Seeking Highly Qualified Individuals.

Lead Innovation’s success is because of the ambition, innovation, and passion our Franchisees bring to their local businesses. That’s why we are very selective when choosing who we go into business with. Our vetting process is lengthy and intensive. We choose to operate this way so we can get to know our candidates very well before we make a selection.

Franchisees spend their time and resources building the Lead Innovations brand and uphold the values set by our founder, Jerry Teeter. Our core values are education, communication, honesty and integrity. We expect a high level of performance and an equally high level of kindness and candor.

Franchising is not an opportunity for those looking to work from the sidelines or make a passive financial investment. This opportunity requires a hands-on approach and full time investment. Owning and operating a Mobile Digital Billboard Service will require leadership, long hours, and continual growth, but it is extremely rewarding.

Mobile. Digital. Better.

Mobile Digital Billboards are a powerful marketing tool designed to take messages

directly to the consumer.

Impossible to miss!

With over 215 square feet of digital screen on the road, you would have to try to not see this display! The average view time of a traditional billboard is less than 1 second. When your ad is on the street next to the viewer, it can be viewed for several minutes!

Your message where you want it.

Your ad is seen where you want it to be seen.​ Our professional staff works with you to determine the best route for maximum exposure. One LED mobile billboard truck can do the job of multiple billboards, saving money over the life of a campaign.

Interruption of pattern

LED mobile billboards are an interruption of pattern! People are not used to seeing giant digital trucks driving around, so they take notice and pay attention. Often, people pull out their phones, take pictures and share on social media!

Because the mobile billboard is traveling in traffic, the engagement time of your audience is drastically higher than traditional billboards.

Join our team
and operate

Your Own

Being part of an experienced and established system reduces your risk of failure. We walk beside you as you establish your local mobile billboard business to maximize success.

Led Trucks For Sale | Available Market Map Midwest

Major Market Expansion

Legion Digital is the nation’s largest LED mobile billboard company. We are expanding through our local market brand, Lead Innovations, by offering a franchise program in key markets.

Led Trucks For Sale | Legion Led Truck

Legion LED Truck Mfg.

Legion LED Trucks are leading the mobile billboard industry in quality and innovation. They are manufactured right in the heartland of the USA and are exclusive to Lead Innovations Franchisees.

Led Trucks For Sale | Legion Digital Clients

National Brand Agencies

Our mobile billboard services are known for the work we have done with major national brands. As part of our brand, you will enjoy instant credibility in your local market along with contract opportunities from our sister company, Legion Digital.

Lead Innovations


LED mobile billboard trucks are a rapidly growing segment of the OOH industry. The Transit sector of the OOH industry is the second largest sector with $1.38B of the total industry revenue of $7.7B.

That’s why we are so excited to offer our Lead Innovations Franchise Program! This program allows local business owners the chance to utilize this amazing technology on a regular basis. Join us TODAY to start getting your share!

Led Trucks For Sale | AFSCME Mobile Digital Billboard Campaign

Meet Jerry Teeter

Founder, Owner, CEO

Think You’ve Got What It Takes?

Lead Innovations is looking for a specific type of individual to run a franchise. This is not a job for just anyone. Think you might fit the mold? Check out our list of must- have’s:

  • Honest
  • ​Reliable
  • Motivated
  • Confident
  • Team Player
  • Responsive
  • ​Excellent Communicator
  • ​Marketing Background
  • Organized
  • ​Leadership
  • Recruiter
  • Tech Savvy
  • The Heart Of A Teacher
  • ​Shepherd Of People
Led Trucks For Sale | We Are Not Impacted By The Same Zoning Regulations

Are You Ready To

Join the Team?

Legion Digital is leading the LED mobile billboard industry, expanding across the country into major markets. Now, our Lead Innovations Franchise Program is taking that star-power to the local level! Lead Innovations is looking for advertising professionals who are ready to build their own local billboard franchise under the Lead Innovations brand. If you are someone with experience selling media in your local market, exceptional leadership skills and a desire to operate your own business, this job is for you!

This Sounds Like

The Right Fit For Me!

Recent National Contracts

  • Mortal Engines | Universal Studios
Led Trucks For Sale | Mobile Billboard Led In Sync
  • Chicago Bears | Hulu
Led Trucks For Sale | Mobile Billboard For Hulu
  • All Eyez On Me | Lionsgate Films
Led Trucks For Sale | Mobile Billboard All Eyez On Me
  • Kentucky Speedway | Busch
Led Trucks For Sale | Quaker State 400 Busch Light Led Mobile Digital Billboard
  • Las Vegas Signature Store | T-Mobile
Led Trucks For Sale | Mobile Led Digital Billboard
  • NCAA Football Championship | Lyft
Led Trucks For Sale | Mobile Led Billboard For Lyft

Are You Tired Of Making Money

For Other People?

As a Lead Innovations Franchisee, you can start combining your experience and our system to build your own future.

Industry Leading LED Mobile Billboard Trucks

Led Trucks For Sale | Legion Led Truck Mobile Digital Billboard

We start with a brand new Ford Transit 350HD chassis

Our chassis pool is custom ordered from Ford Motor Company specifically tailored for mobile billboard operation.  These are not your typical base model work trucks.

Led Trucks For Sale | 2018-09-11-07.16.10

We then fabricate a custom LED body

Where most LED trucks are converted from box delivery trucks, we build our LED bodies from the ground up out of high strength aluminum. We then install a 20 KW, super silent diesel generator that will power the screens and electronic equipment.

Led Trucks For Sale | Led Mobile Billboard Interior

The finished work and functionality is unmatched

Not only are Legion LED Trucks the most finished on the market, but they have the most technology and functionality as well. Every Legion LED Truck comes standard with many options that others charge extra for or don’t offer at all.

Take Control Of Your

Future Now!

If you have experience selling advertising media and consider yourself an experienced leader, we would love to chat about the opportunities available! Lead Innovations is looking for entrepreneurs like you. We would love to help you achieve success in your local market through a Lead Innovations Franchise. You will have extensive training and support. Our leadership team will educate and assist every step of the way.

This Sounds Like The

Right Fit For Me!

Led Trucks For Sale | US Digital Out-Of-Home Ad Spending Graph

Tap Into Untapped Potential

With Mobile Digital Billboards

Out of home advertising is a growing industry with huge amounts of untapped potential. Now that billboards can be digitized and data-driven, we expect this transition from static to digital will continue until it becomes standard practice. The following information is from a study done by eMarketer.

“This year, digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad spending will increase by 1.6%, and in 2021 it will rise by 19.2%. We expect DOOH ad spending to increase from $2.72 billion in 2020 to $3.84 billion in 2023.

In 2020, DOOH will account for one-third of total US OOH ad spending. While that share might not seem impressive, consider that back in 2015, DOOH’s share of total OOH was just 17.0%, about half of what it is today. By 2023, 42.0% of all US outdoor ad spending will come from DOOH.”



In order for someone to begin a franchise, they will need $75-300k.


Lead Innovations’ royalty fee is 6% of gross revenues.


We can get a franchise up and running in as soon as 6-8 weeks.


Franchisees will need $80k liquidity
{franchise fee + 20% down on $200k loan}.

They will also need a $240k net worth {3x liquidity}.


Lead Innovations is only looking for active owners involved in the day-to-day operations of business.


Markets Available

Our focus for initial growth is the Midwest region. Though most Midwesterners are uncomfortable bragging about their success, the numbers don’t lie!

The states in this area offer loads of potential for business owners, as shown by the 2020 Inc. 5000Series: Midwest list, a ranking of the fastest-growing companies in the region. Collectively, the250 companies on Inc.’s list grew their annual revenue 360 percent on average in the past few years!

There are more than two dozen, billion-dollar-plus companies with offices in the Midwest, and there are many more large companies relocating to the midwest from the Coasts. This area is ripe for growth, and it’s catching on fast!

Led Trucks For Sale | Available Market Map Midwest

Markets Coming Soon!

After we have successfully expanded throughout the Midwest, we will continue to spread our locations out toward the coasts. We fully anticipate that in a few years, Lead Innovations will be the household name in mobile digital billboards!

The opportunities with this franchise model are extremely compelling. Lead Innovations is a pioneer in this model and our structure is set up for expansion. We believe in big goals that call for big action.

Led Trucks For Sale | Next Phase Available Map