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2021 Ford F150 Spark 408

$82,000 (Negotiable)


Make, Model : Ford F 150
Price : $82,000 (Negotiable)
Date : July 11, 2023
Mileage : 12000 miles
Condition : Used
Type : Sell
Year : 2020
Transmission : Automatic
Engine Size : V8 cc
Engine Type : Gas
Color : Blue
Location : United States

Discover the future of dynamic mobile advertising with thisexceptional 2020 Ford F-150 Lariat that has been transformed into an engagingdigital billboard truck. With a brilliant blue exterior and a mere 12,862 mileson the odometer, this truck boasts both style and reliability, making it theperfect choice for your mobile advertising needs.

The Ford F-150 is one of the best-selling trucks for areason. Its unmatched performance and solid build quality make it an excellentfoundation for a Spark 408 mobile digital billboard. Enhanced with a robust4-wheel drive, you can confidently navigate through varying terrains andweather conditions, ensuring your advertisement reaches far and wide.

The centerpiece of this mobile marvel is the 2021 Spark 408digital billboard body. This unit features advanced P3.8 LED screens,specifically designed by Spark Video Trucks in Alabama for commercial mobileoutdoor use. With over twice the detail and resolution of other LED displays,your advertising content will be showcased with utmost clarity and vibrancy.High contrast ratio, automatic brightness adjustment, and a modular designprovide a seamless viewing experience.

A notable highlight of this model is the Spark-ExclusiveAluminum Spark-manufactured Exoskeleton body. Its sturdy construction ensuresoptimal durability and longevity, which is paramount for constant outdoorusage.

The Spark 408 is powered by an eco-friendly electric batterysystem, meaning no compromise on your advertisement’s brightness and no unduestress on the environment. With the optional Spark Hybrid Power System, you caneliminate the need for a generator, providing a quiet and efficient powersolution.

The digital billboard truck features the Spark Mojo cloud-hostedmobile advertising operating system (subscription required). This allows forunlimited length ad playlists, multiple live sources, audio mixing, dual audiocapability, and ad scheduling for multiple day-parts. With the convenience ofremote updates from any PC, tablet, or smartphone, managing your contentbecomes a breeze.

The Spark 408 offers six independent content zones, allowingeach side of the truck to display two different zones of content, all withdifferent hardware sources. This provides an unprecedented level of flexibilityin showcasing your diverse advertising content.

This mobile digital billboard also comes equipped with DishNetwork in-motion satellite system, offering an additional layer of mediaintegration. Plus, it supports all third-party digital signage hardware andsoftware, and up to 4 additional HDMI devices, making it a highly expandableand versatile platform for your advertisements.

Elevate your advertising strategy with this exceptionalmobile digital billboard truck. It is more than a vehicle – it’s a versatile,dynamic, and powerful marketing tool that commands attention wherever it goes.

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